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We all know that Olymp Trade is a very popular platform around the world, and the version of this site is available not only on laptops, but also in mobile format. Today, mobile Olymp Trade is more necessary than ever, because nowadays all sorts of gadgets, firmly entered into our lives and often used even more than personal computers and laptops. And you will agree, when there is no laptop at hand – it remains to resort to the services of a smartphone, where you can also easily enter the application and quietly trade at Olymp Trade, the main thing is to have access to the Internet.

In principle, the mobile application itself is called OlympTrade and is supported on all possible tablets, smartphones. It so happens that not all owners of these applications know or have heard about options, and I know and will tell you more about the OlympTrade website in the mobile version. We read, understand and remember together with me!

Download for Android
Download for IOS

Mobile Olymp Trade is convenient because you can work and trade without being bound to your computer, literally anywhere in the world. Over the past year, the company has optimized the application so well that it works just perfectly and almost no different from the stationary version.

The mobile version of Olymp Trade for Android

In fact, it’s very simple: in order for the mobile Olymp Trade to appear on your phone – you need to follow the link below and install the application on your device. A special advantage in the mobile version on Android is the constant updating of the application, and the functions are not inferior to the trading floor on your PC and the interface is comfortable for use.

I would also like to touch upon the system requirements for Android: there should be enough space on your device, as well as the minimum version for installing this application – 4.0.3. If everything fits, you can without hesitation download the application to your smartphone and use it with pleasure.

Download the application to Android

Olymp Trade for iPhone/iPad

Basically, everything here is the same and there are no differences from the Android system: those people who prefer iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 and higher can download the app by clicking on the link below. Earlier I did not mention that the application is available in two languages: Russian and English.
By the way, did you know that the mobile version of the Olymp Trade app is used most by Android owners, while iOS users prefer this version less? Now you will know, but not all is still lost. The functionality of the app is being improved and developed.

Download for IOS

Demo account in mobile version

You can conclude transactions, trade options by entering the Olymp Trade application in the same way as in the full PC version: the minimum deposit is $10, and the bet amount is only $1. I would like to add that demo account becomes available after installation of the application, without registration, i.e. you can easily test this site. I also want to emphasize that you are unlikely to face any difficulties in using it.

Advantages of the application

As a separate block, I want to reveal the features of the application, so to speak, to talk about it in more detail.
First of all, let’s talk about the design: the phone graphics of the application are at the highest level.
The second thing I want to say is the functions of the site itself: it is quite easy and simple to make transactions and cancel them, to change the term if necessary.

By the way, the support service works quite quickly – 24 hours a day, which is certainly a plus.
There are also some elements of trading, which are an addition to the application, which is now an advantage and in order to easily invest your money, you have access to one of the indicators – SMA, which, by the way, was not available before. I think this will improve over time as well.

With regard to skills in the mobile version of the site, of course, this is not the level that is presented in the “Training” section, but there are certain strategies designed only for the mobile version.

Do I need to pay attention to user feedback?

It is worth noting that before installing the Olymp Trade application on your device, you can read various reviews from users. But I’ll tell you in secret that it will not give you anything special, because the comments are sometimes completely inappropriate or quite emotional: those who do not understand it, can write that this is a so-called “lottery”, which, you agree, is more than inappropriate and unreasonable comment without any argumentation. But there are quite good reviews and comments on the case, which will help you draw up a picture and picture of the application for yourself.

In fact, you can always install the mobile Olymp Trade and test the application on a demo account, it will be the best test and will replace all the reviews. Actually, everything seems to be mentioned on the subject, there will be questions, ask in comments, and I will be glad to help you with advice. On this I will say goodbye, good luck to all.


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