Bonus 100 from Olymp Trade

The main part of platforms for trading on financial markets, conducts the so-called loyalty program to new traders. Olymp Trade was no exception, with a bonus equal to 100% of the deposit made. Such encouragement works for traders who have deposited to their real account from $30 or more. For example, if you deposit such a sum within an hour after registration, you will get another $30 for trading. You will agree to rather tempting conditions.

However, not all companies have such rosy gifts. In most cases, online investment platforms under the guise of a bonus just drive newcomers into financial bondage, for example, the inability to withdraw money before the full wagering gift or a certain number of transactions. However, in the company Olymp Trade bonuses at registration are delegated so that you can always get your honestly earned money at any time. Therefore, I recommend that you cooperate with this company. I wrote more about this bonus and how it is more profitable to get it in this article: Olymp Trade Bonuses.

What is the Olymp Trade bonus 100%

Next in this article, I would like to tell you what you need to do to double your deposit, but I’ll probably tell you what the bonus itself is before that. At Olymp Trade, the replenishment bonuses are given to new traders who have a first deposit of 30, 100 or 200 dollars, then this amount is doubled, respectively, increasing your chances of making more money, as well as increasing the so-called golden parachute.

Naturally, you will not be able to deposit 2000 and immediately withdraw 4000, it would not be fair to the company, but you can use this money, it will burn up only when you decide to withdraw your earned money. If you want to get a bonus over ten thousand dollars, I will describe one more way below.



A 100 bonus from Olymp Trade and how to get it

If you have not yet registered, you need to follow this procedure:

Examine the site for a few seconds and move the mouse cursor to close the page, but do not close it. When you move your mouse cursor over the cross, a form will appear in front of you asking you to double your deposit (see above).

Fill out the registration details in the window that appears.

Confirm your mail and log in to your Olymp Trade account.

Now through the “Deposit” section you can enter the amount available to you for which you want to get a 100% Olimp Trade bonus.

How to get a hundred percent bonus over $1,000

Follow all instructions, which I described above, only deposit without bonus, that is, when you go to the registration link, do not lead to the closing of the page, and immediately register. You need to deposit a minimum amount of 10 dollars. After that, make a few deals and be sure to lose this 10 dollars. If you do not know how to make trades, then read my article Options Trading Strategies, there you will find detailed descriptions of how to trade, as well as videos on how to make trades and exit the plus.

I strongly recommend that you read this article. When you lose this $10, go to the “Deposit” section and you will be offered a 100% bonus on any amount only. Unfortunately, there is no other way yet. If you have any questions, please write in the comments, I will certainly help.

Getting the bonus for already registered users

If you are already registered with Olymp Trade, but for some reason did not know about the bonus, and you want to get it, that is the way out now, I will tell you the procedure. First, withdraw all the money you have in your account. After that, contact the support team and tell them that you want to close the existing account. If they ask you for a reason, tell them that you do not want to trade yet or you are thinking of opening an account in another currency. Usually, the operator fulfills such a request within 5 minutes. So there will be no problem with that.

Now go to the official Olymp Trade website, only from another browser, and do everything by the instructions I gave above.

Let’s sum up the Olymp Trade bonus

I think all the advantages are already clear from my article written above. Such unique and advantageous offers are rarely expected. I’ve only seen such offers at the casino, but only there you can never cash the money, and it’s no secret that the casino is not going to beat you, it’s always a winner. Options, it’s real and transparent earnings, in which everything depends only on you. If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you to read various articles on my site to enter the path of a trader already prepared, otherwise from the loss of your money will not insure anything.

Believe me, I have been trading for several years and this is my main source of income. If there were such sites then, where everything would be chewed up to details, I would have saved a lot of money.

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