How to play and win at Olymp Trade

I suppose everyone who is going to register for options does so not for fun, but to make good money without taking any particular risks. In today’s article, I’ll tell you how to play Olymp Trade, so read it all out, it will be interesting.

The basic rules of a successful trader

Let us consider a few things without which you will not be successful in options trading:

  • Trading strategy. Perhaps the main component, without which trading is impossible in principle. Earlier, I have already written about the most popular and simple strategies for trading in the article Strategies for Working in Olymp Trade. Be sure to get acquainted with it and practice on a demo account and be sure to find the strategy that suits you, or combine and create your own strategies. The main thing is that you should always practice on a demo account first and then you will succeed.
  • Another component of a successful trader. You should always keep yourself in control and work only with a sober head. Often, beginners are subject to emotions and can make unfounded decisions. For example, after several unsuccessful deals, you may get your capital back by going to your bank. As a result, the entire deposit can be merged in a few minutes. You should never do such a thing. Always set the bar on the amount you can afford to lose. In my experience, the most normal option is no more than 5% of the total account.
  • Proper management of your capital. As I wrote above, always take a balanced approach to trading, calculate risks and plan your budget. Remember that Fixed Time Trades is a high-risk type of earnings and you should always be on the safe side.

Secrets of trading on the platform

To answer the question of how to play Olymp Trade, you need to carefully study the trading floor itself, learn all the functionality and identify all the useful chips for yourself. For example, on Olymp Trade, unlike other platforms, there is a function of cancellation of the loss-making transaction. That is, if you have concluded a deal, for example, for 100 rubles for one minute, but you see that the deal will be clearly unprofitable. In this case you can sell such transaction before closing and return up to 60 % of your funds, that is in our case 60 dollars. Agree to lose 40 dollars is clearly better than all 100 dollars

To close a deal, point your cursor over it in the list of deals and click “Sell”, it will also show how much you will get back to your account in case of sale. Such nuances in trading are just the sea, all of them come with experience. The main thing is to always stick to the strategy and never give in to emotions.

How to play and win at Olymp Trade

A win-win strategy at Olympus Trade

I will agree at once that there are no completely unsuccessful strategies a priori. If such a strategy existed, then trading would be unprofitable and the market would just collapse. But there are some very good strategies, which in any case will bring you a decent profit.

One of these is “Gambit”, in fact it’s a very simple strategy and it’s perfect for beginners, so if you want to learn how to play Olymp Trade, then read carefully what I will describe next, plus I will put out a video, which will clearly show how to trade on this scheme.

I will now tell for it in brief, the point is that we are required to open two trades before the release of important news, one of which we open on the downside and the other on the upside. After the news is released, we sell a losing trade, thus returning 60% of the amount, and at the exit we get about 20% profit. To make it clearer, go to the Training section on the official Olymp Trade website.

Win on this strategy is quite real, but use other strategies as well, test them on a demo account and choose the one that suits you. At the beginning of this article I gave a link to the most popular strategies, be sure to study them.

Let’s summarize

I think I have answered the question of how to play Olympus Trade and now the way to the world of trading will not be so difficult for you. Although, there is nothing complicated in trading, the main thing is to be willing and diligent.

In addition, the platform itself is quite loyal to new traders and contributes in every way to their earnings. Since it is profitable for them, because they get their percentage from each of your trades. Therefore, the site has a section with training materials, as well as excellent technical support, where you will always be helped and told what to do. At this, I say goodbye, wish you good luck and a good profit.

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