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What is the Olymp Trade Exchange and what it is. In fact, it is not quite right to call Olymp Trade an exchange, as it is a trading platform on which you can trade options.  If you do not know what it is, then I will now try to tell you more accessible.

By registering for Olymp Trade, you can make money by buying Fixed Time Trades, what does it look like? All the functionality is quite simple, all you need to do is to specify where the price of a certain asset will go within the allocated period of time.

I’ll try to explain it more clearly now. Trading occurs between the traders that you become after making a deposit. For example, you make a prediction that the price of a currency pair, say Евро\Доллар, will go up within five minutes, then you make a deal for five minutes, and if your prediction is correct, you get up to 82% profit. That is, you put $100, and got 180, I think, not bad earnings in 5 minutes. By the way, the minimum transaction amount is only 1 dollar, so you can start earning only 10 dollars.

Naturally, in order to be always on the plus side and earn good money, it is necessary to trade according to a certain strategy, otherwise you will lose all the invested money, if you make predictions based only on your intuition or guessing at the coffee grounds. Personally, when I started trading, I used only three strategies, which are as simple as possible for a beginner and quite profitable. I wrote about them in my article about strategies for Olymp Trade. If you are interested in this type of earnings, then be sure to read it, all the strategies are described in great detail and video materials are attached, for better understanding. Further in the article, I will tell a little about the platform itself, its main advantages and chips.

Demo account at Olymp Trade

All beginners, I always advise you to start trading with a demo account. The Olimp Trade platform gives each registered demo account 10,000 virtual units, which is about $10,000. And this virtual money you can always update, that is, in fact, it never ends, and you can train, test strategies or just get acquainted with the internal functionality of the platform.

The demo account is absolutely identical to the live account, all charts and currency pairs are broadcast in real time and correspond to the stock market indicators, you can always check it by looking at the global chart. I think it is not necessary to explain all the advantages, everything is clear here. The main thing is that you do not risk your money and you can work out any strategy personally for yourself. And then you can replenish your account and start earning money. However, all the surprises do not end there.


Bonus 100% from Olymp Trade

The Olymp Trade Exchange is not for nothing considered one of the best online investment platforms in the world, it always cares about the quality of service and its traders. Therefore, for all beginners there is an opportunity to get 100% to your first deposit, for this purpose you need to replenish a real account for 30, 100 or 200 dollars and then the company will add to your account exactly the same amount from above, such conditions are not offered by every investment platform. It is for such a reverent attitude that I chose Olymp Trade and have been trading here for three years. A huge plus, is that this bonus does not need to be played back, as in other offices, all the means that you impose, you can always withdraw, without any conditions or pitfalls.


Let’s summarize

Well, today, I told you, is the Olymp Trade Exchange, and also briefly described all the functionality, If you want more details about the company, you can read my review article, where, I described in greater detail Review of Olymp Trade. I will finish here, good luck and good profit to everyone.


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