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Have you ever had such occasions that you wanted to cancel a deal when you felt that your forecast was wrong? I think there have been. Especially when the contract value isn’t $50, but, for example, $2,000. Well, many depositors (traders), I’m sure, have heard about the possibility to conclude risk-free deals on Olymp Trade, but they don’t know in detail about this service and its features. And I know and will tell you about it in a very clear and understandable language.

What is a risk-free deal?

A risk-free transaction is a bonus, a kind of protection of your funds on the platform of Olymp Trade, which will help to keep them in their original form, even if the bet will not play in your favor.

The service is available on the condition that you do the following:

1) Choose a risk-free trade;

2) you make a forecast, i.e. you specify how much you want to get from the trade;

3) the money is returned to the investor in case the forecast was wrong.

By the way, if you are lucky and the bet wins – you have nothing to worry about, because in this case you are in full chocolate.

It should be noted that this service on Olymp Trade is designed for beginner traders – a kind of bonus and incentive to gain as much experience as possible and try to do everything wisely, as well as adhere to certain strategies.

In fact, a trader does not risk his deposit and tries to make his first deals, but it can cause a certain lack of seriousness, so such deals can be made several times.

It is worth mentioning one more point of providing this service: if you lose all transactions in the end – the international platform for online trading will return everything, but there is one disadvantage: until the depositor makes the allotted number of transactions on his deposit – he will not be able to withdraw money from his account.

How can I get additional risk-free deals?

You need to use risk-free transactions at the beginning, yes, but try to apply them less often and try to improve yourself in this case. If you always make good deposits, participate in transactions – you can, as well as me, get additional bonuses and the possibility to save money on your account.

Unfortunately, only VIP clients can get additional such bonuses, but hope dies last and so work, place your bets, invest and you will succeed. In addition, there are certain promotions that can help you do this, but maybe it is you who will win some valuable prize: for example, a laptop or a smartphone.


In conclusion, I want to say that, in fact, you can use such a service and check some strategies, learn, improve, so that in the future their calculations are not mistaken. This is a kind of testing, a “pen test” for beginner investors and this is a great opportunity to make your bet, even if it turns out to be a losing option, but you will not lose anything thanks to this deal. This is the beauty of this service. But still, there are nuances that must be considered: do not lose seriousness, take it as a bonus and try to trust your intuition and strategy. Good luck!

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