Olymp Trade secrets. How to earn

Where do I start?

I think that initially it is necessary to saturate the existing information on this subject from different sources – it can be mainly all kinds of Internet resources and video lessons, you can also use the book sources, which can be very useful and much more reliable. The information obtained should be analyzed and a strategy should be developed, i.e. all the subtleties of the techniques and methods used in this, at first glance, easy work. In addition, theoretical experience is certainly good, but you need to gain practical experience, the necessary skills and constantly improve yourself. To begin with, you can consult with a specialist in this field.

Let me tell you a little about the methods of training:

1) As I pointed out earlier, it will take a lot of time to accumulate information on your own, to collect it on websites and not only – it will take a lot of time, because you need not only to find any existing information, but also to make sure that it is true, that the study is correct.

2) Training programs – they are one of the effective ways to reduce time and will allow you to move as quickly as possible to the main and most important process – earning money. In these programs you can see usually already collected existing information, which is designed for those people who only want to become traders. By the way, Olymp Trade is also considered there.

By registering on the Olymp Trade website, you can easily get free access to the training section, where you can get acquainted with all existing strategies and not only, but also there is the necessary information on how to make profitable deals.

Demo account at Olymp Trade

For beginners, there is a great opportunity to test the platform with a demo account on the Olymp Trade website. Personally, when I registered on this site – I got a demo account and the balance was charged 10 000 virtual rubles, which is important. And how did I make sure that this money is enough for absolutely everything. The only problem is that it’s virtual money, which is not withdrawn anywhere and you need to spend it wisely on the right things, and so everything is the same, and in transactions you still get real money.

Bonuses on Olympus Trade Platform

Not all beginning traders know that there are also bonuses, and I know and will tell you about it now. The bonuses are really good enough, and in a large amount, namely +100% to your first deposit to Olympus Trade. And to get this bonus – you need to replenish your account with the amount of 60, 200 or 400 dollars within the allotted hour, and after that you will get a certain amount identical to the original replenishment. In addition, you can get the VIP status, but this is already for those who know 100% of the mastodons of their business: they have their own privileges to this account – they are charged +50% to the replenishment of 15 thousand and, as I said before, + VIP status, a high percentage of income.

In order to bring you even more insight, I decided to tell you more about some strategies that are still relevant and effective today. Basically, how I am the basic strategies that have long been passed not by us, but by the current successful leaders in our business. Which are based on the application of classical trading indicators, but still need to choose a strategy that will be understandable to you as a trader, and from the existing strategy, you can later create your own, which can bring success in trading options.

But remember that if your strategy does not work, then you need to develop and apply another one, or you will remain on the same level and there will be no special development, which will affect your trades, which will be a failure and lead to a loss of money from the trades. It is important to know that in order to apply a strategy, you need to implement it in practice and it must be guaranteed to succeed, which, as I mentioned above, can be tested on a demo account and make sure that such a strategy will not fail, but watch market conditions, so that your strategy is not outdated and will not fail you at the right time.

How do you manage your finances when trading with Olymp Trade?

When perfecting different strategies, a beginner should resort to creating his own financial management system, which may also be called mani-management, which may help you, as well as me in my time, to assign certain amounts of money that are invested in transactions. You need to know exactly how to predict your probability of a successful deal, because in every trading system there is a probability to calculate whether a deal will be successful or failed. Every trader should consider this.

And finally, I want to give you a few more fundamental rules that will work 100% when trading options:

– First of all, you should understand that the size of one trade involved in trading should not exceed 5% of your capital;

– if the day has not been set and you have failed three times, it is best to finish trading on that day to rest and the next day to enter into battle with new forces and strategies;

– if you have somehow lost 30% of your trading capital, then you should look at your demo account and check the reasons for the loss.

I’ve told you the most important and basic rules that can help you build your own man-management strategies to be successful and make good money at Olympus Trade.

In conclusion, I can say that you now have instructions on how to make easy and affordable money on the Olymp Trade platform and you now know all the secrets, certain strategies that will help you in the future and make you a leader in this field. The main thing is to do everything step by step and then you will be able to set new goals, reach the top and who knows, maybe your strategy will become quite popular and effective in earning on Olymp Trade! Go for it!


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