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Today my article is dedicated to newbies who don’t know what Fixed Time Trades is and what they are. In this post, I will try to explain all the main points in human language, and how to make money on it in general.

Apparently, I will tell you about the trading platform Olymp Trade, on which I have been earning for a long time. This is because Olymp Trader gets some of the best conditions on the website, and the office is honest and respects its clients.

What is Fixed Time Trades?

The very earning of options is the change of prices on the currency. For example, you trade on the currency pair евро\dollars, you are required to guess whether the rate will go up or down. That is, you open a deal for 1 minute, for example, and put 100 dollars, if your forecast is correct, you will get 180 dollars on your account. You should agree on a good salary for one minute.

Naturally, you shouldn’t try to make a deal relying on intuition, so you’ll only lose your blood money and decide that all this is a lottery. To trade, you need to use different strategies, which in any case will give a great advantage to your deposit, you can read more about strategies in my article: Strategies for working on Olymp Trade.

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How do you make money on options for a newbie?

What is Fixed Time Trades, we’ve figured it out, now let’s figure out how to make money on them. There is nothing really difficult, just guessing where the course will go and you’re in chocolate. However, I will say it again, and I repeat it in almost every article, never trade at random. The only option to start earning is not to throw money in your head in the hope of making money, but to read about strategies and try to trade on a demo account. I wrote more details about it in the Olymp Trade Demo article. Do not be lazy and be sure to read it, it will help you to learn and save a lot of money.

In short, on a demo account you trade with virtual money and do not risk yours, this is a great chance to learn and understand the process of trading. The Olimp Trade website gives beginners a demo account with 10,000 virtual money, which is essentially equal to 10,000 dollars.

When you get to the bottom of it, you can switch to a real account. This is all done literally in one click on the site itself. Be sure, when you study several strategies, try to make a deal on a demo account on the official website of Olympus Trader.


Today my article is not as voluminous as usual, but as they say, a short sister of talent. And so today we have figured out what is Fixed Time Trades and how to get profit from them. If you do not understand something, then ask in comments, I am always open to communication and happy to help.

I would like to add that if you really want to make money on a regular basis, then take it very seriously. Options is not a casino or lottery, it’s a really powerful tool for long-term earnings. I have been trading for three years now and Olymp Trader has become my main source of income.

Just approach it like a normal job and then you can make a few thousand dollars in income. Of course, it will not be right away, but it is real when you feel the whole process. As they say, go for your goal and you will definitely achieve it.  At this point, I bid you farewell. Good luck, everybody, and have a good time.

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