OlympTrade reviews divorce or not

Options is a relatively new instrument on the financial market. Accordingly, when the niche is not yet fully occupied, there are many fraudsters who want to take away their piece of pie without giving anything in return. A similar situation occurred with the Forex market in the recent past. Today we will talk about the proven Olympus Trade company, whether it is a divorce or not.

Lochotron or…

Now, I’m gonna try to make it as easy as possible to tell you how an option divorce works. Along with normal trading platforms, such as Olympus Trade and others, there are fraudulent platforms that want to make money on ordinary people.

The scheme is quite simple. They make a quality website, launch an advertising campaign and then, having collected enough money, just throw people, taking the money for themselves. Often they require quite a large amount of money to enter, from $200 to $500. This is the first alarming bell, because it is not profitable for scammers to collect small things, because in order to collect an impressive amount of money they will have to spend more effort. Before you register on any trading platform, always check the information about them on the Internet, how much they are already in the market, read reviews, etc.

So, if you have wondered whether OlympTrade is divorced or not, I can confidently say that it is one of the few companies that works honestly and always pays the money they earn. I have already written about it in the article How much you can earn at OlympTrade.

There, I clearly show how much I earn and take it out to my wallet, so I recommend you to read it. And then I’ll describe the main tricks of swindlers and tell you a little for Olympus Trade itself.

The main theses of the intruders

If you come across a fake site, then most likely you will not see your money, you will be refused to withdraw under any pretext. First, will require verification of identity, and then will long feed breakfasts, say that the verification is carried out, the documents do not fit or the site is technical work. So, if you are caught on a fishing rod to such smart guys, the chances of getting your money back are minimal. If we talk about the withdrawal of money from Olympus Trade, there are no problems here, as proof, I will show you a screenshot of recent years.

As you can see, all my earnings are deducted, without any complaints and always on time. Although the site says that they withdraw within a few days, but in fact after the order, the money comes within a few hours. Personally, I have been trading for almost three years and I have not had any problems yet. By the way, I have a little surprise for my readers. If you are not registered in Olympus Trade yet, you have an opportunity to get a 100% bonus to your first deposit. You can read more about how to do that in my Olympus Trade bonus article.


Additional security measures

One of the posts where I wrote about the official website of Olympus Trade has information under whose aegis, the company has received its license, and is also under the regulator Fina-com. All these things are easy to google and check. If you have found some new site that offers you to trade options, make sure it has links to the licenses and check them out. This will help you save your savings, not give them to scammers.


Let me remind you that the main purpose of this article was to find out if OlympTrade is divorced or not and you, dear reader, would probably like to read the reviews from ordinary users.  To be honest, personally, I have not trusted reviews on the Internet for a long time, as they can be easily purchased on any exchange. So if you want to be sure of Olympus Trad’s honesty, just top up your account with a minimum amount, which is only $10, and check on your experience, a couple of hundred dollars and take them out to your wallet or card. I think this experience will be much better than incomprehensible feedback from incomprehensible personalities. If it’s all a deception, then you will lose the amount equal to a small lunch, but get an invaluable experience.


Of course, there is an indestructible category of people who are always wrong, I’m constantly written to the post office and complain that on my advice, they lost their 10 dollars. It’s only when I ask them how they traded, then it becomes clear to me and I start to laugh. You know, there are people who are sure that they know everything, but usually everything is exactly the opposite. These are the people who lose their money, because they don’t understand that you can’t rely only on your intuition or blind faith in trading.

I have always said, and will continue to say, that one should trade only on the strategy and put all emotions in the background. Options are the same work as all others, only more profitable. By the way, especially for beginners, I have written an article on Strategy for Olympus Trade. Be sure to read and watch the video clips, it describes the simplest and most universal strategies that will help you to increase your capital.

A little positive and demo account

Every self-respecting trading platform has a demo account, on which you can practice, learn the functionality and understand the essence of trading. If you have registered on a site where the demo account is presented in a reduced form, or in general is a flash game in which you will always make correct predictions, then close such a site and forget about it, it is definitely cheaters.

A normal demo account, as in Olympus Trade is no different from a real account, all the charts and functionality are true and displayed in real time. For example, in Olympus Trade, you are given a virtual account for 10,000 units, which is approximately equal to 10,000 dollars. Here you can trade, learn, and try new strategies, with this 10,000 virtual money you can always update and continue learning. When you realize that you already know how to trade, then you can fund your real account and start earning money.


Let’s summarize

And so today we disassembled OlympTrade divorce or not, my opinion you heard, I consider this company one of the best representatives in the options market, so I trade only there. Well, the conclusions, as they say, are yours. If you dare to trade, then remember my advice, never give in to excitement, trade with a clear head and without emotions, and of course use strategies, the link to them, I left in the article. On this I will say goodbye, good luck and good profit to everyone.

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