Trading on options for teapots

The main advantage of the options is that the conditions for the start are attractive. The main thing is that you can start trading with minimum investment, many trading platforms have a minimum entry amount of 100 dollars. However, today we will parse the trading system on the example of the trading platform Olymp Trade, where the minimum deposit amount is only 10 dollars. We wanted to know what is Fixed Time Trades for Dummies, then read the article to the end.

Most trading platforms have a profit from one deal, is about 70-90%. If you take into account that a deal can be opened only for 1 minute, it becomes obvious that the profit for an ordinary trader is simply colossal. For example, you make a deal for 10 dollars, when it closes with a successful outcome for you, then you get plus another 8 dollars. You should agree that there are few places where you can earn such money in just one minute. But it is not so simple, below, I will tell you in detail how to trade correctly, to be always in the plus, you need to know a few nuances. Next, I will explain all the terminology and basic theses in as simple a language as possible, that would make everything clear.

Options for teapots: how to trade?

In fact, Fixed Time Trades is speculation on various assets, in our case on currency pairs, such as Евро\Доллар. That is, we buy this asset for a certain period of time and have to determine where the price will go for a certain period of time, if your forecast is correct, then you get your profit.

If to be even simpler, then you trade with the same traders. You made a trade for one minute and bet ten dollars that the price will go up or down and somewhere the same trader did the same, but put the opposite value. If your forecast came true, then out of his 10 dollars you get 8, and 2 dollars takes the platform as a commission. I think it’s clear here. Therefore, do not believe those who say that Olymp Trade steals money, it is much more profitable for them, so that as many traders as possible take part in trading, it is their bread.

I think you’ve figured out from the above that the trading instrument is quite simple, you just need to specify the time you make a deal, put the amount and choose where the price will go up or down. But take your time, it is not that simple, if you rely only on your intuition, you will quickly lose all your money. To trade, you need to stick to the strategies, in more detail, I described in the article Trading Strategies in Olymp Trade. Be sure to follow the link and read the most popular strategies, sticking to which you will always be on the plus side, especially for beginners, I have left a video for each strategy to make sure everyone understands it.

Start of trading

And so the analysis of flights, what is Fixed Time Trades for Dummies continues, and further we will discuss how to start trading. So you have registered, studied strategies and think it is time to start trading, but I would not advise you. First you should practice on a demo account. It is absolutely no different from a real account, there are exactly the same charts and functionality, but you will be able to test the strategy you are interested in without any damage to your money, and then deposit money into your account and start earning money.


If after registration you have not understood the functionality, then I advise you to go to the “training” section on the trading platform.

By the way, if you have not yet registered, then newcomers after registration when depositing in a real account from $ 30, give a bonus of 100%, that is, the same amount of deposit. To get this bonus, click on the link below and in the window that appears hover your mouse over the closing cross, but do not close it, then you will see a form for registration with the bonus.


Let’s summarize

So, in this article, what is Fixed Time Trades for Dummies, we emphasized such factors:

  • What are the Fixed Time Trades
  • What are strategies
  • How to start trading

In fact, this is all the knowledge required by a beginner trader. The main thing is to follow my advice, do not trade relying on intuition, and treat this type of earnings as a real work. And most importantly, do not be afraid to try something new, because your well-being and prosperity depends only on you. That’s all for now. If you have any questions, ask them in your comments.

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