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Have a good time, friends! In this publication I will describe in detail what is the VIP status on the Olymp Trade platform, as well as tell you how you can get such a VIP account.

To date, many large trading platforms offer their clients a special account, which is significantly different from a simple account. Get it can, any complaining client of the company, who will open an account and make a one-time deposit of 2 000 $ or 2 000 €. Further we will parse all privileges, which are given by the company for this type of account.

What gives VIP status in Olymp Trade

So, let’s find out what a trader gets if he has a VIP account.

The first and main big plus is the increased percentage of profit, which will be up to 90%, on the standard account the percentage is 80%, I think the difference is obvious.

The next privilege is risk-free deals, what do such deals give? In fact, it is a very good opportunity to trade on a real account and not to risk your money. So, let’s figure out how this works. Let’s say, if you made a deal and for some reason your forecast didn’t come true, then thanks to such deals you will get the whole amount of the investment back on your balance, I think the essence is clear here.

I would also like to note that risk-free transactions are given in a limited number, namely 5% of the deposit amount. Thus, it turns out that, for example, you replenish the deposit for 10,000 dollars, and accordingly you get such deals for 500 dollars – it can be 50 deals for 10 dollars or 10 for 50 dollars, it all depends on you.

The next advantage is that the withdrawal of funds for such an account will be carried out within 1 day, on a standard account it takes up to 5 working days. But if you want to get your money even faster, you can withdraw money to electronic wallets like “Yandex Money” “Webmoney” “QIWI” “Neteller” and receive payments within two three hours!

The next unique privilege is the help of VIP-consultant. Such consultants are, as a rule, experienced traders with good trading experience.

What are the advantages of a personal advisor:

  • Consulting on Skype at any time convenient for you;
  • Joint trading, analysis of strategies and identification of trading errors, etc.;
  • Analysis of indicators and how they can be used;
  • Help in creating a personal trading plan, which is very important;
  • Help in developing profitable strategies and much more.

Moving on, the next plus will be access to closed webinars, which are held exclusively for the VIP clients of Olymp Trade. Such training webinars are held twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

On Mondays, a parallel online trading session with an experienced analyst is held for one hour. Thus, you have a good opportunity to trade in real time, repeating the trades of a professional trader, and thus minimize the risks when trading.

On Tuesdays there are webinars on the subject, trading week results, forecasts and planning.

Next, another plus for clients with VIP status from Olymp Trade is the increased transaction limits, namely, the amount of the maximum transaction amount for such an account will be 10 thousand dollars or 10 thousand euros.

Well, perhaps, this is all the privileges, as well as for comparison, you can see below is a clear example of some of the differences between a simple account and a VIP:


How to get VIP status at Olymp Trade

So, to get VIP status in Olymp Trade, you need to open an even at this address: Once you have registered and entered the trading platform, you need to select the “Article-VIP” tab. Next you will see another window with detailed information about the website, with detailed instructions for obtaining this privilege.

If you have any questions, you can call the trading platform hotline at any time and find out the information you are interested in.

You can also order a callback, for this you need to click on the icon in the lower right corner, then enter your phone number, and in the very next few minutes you will be called back by VIP consultant company Olymp Trade.


I hope that everything stated in this article is more than understandable, but if it is not, write your questions in comments. Also, if you already have a VIP status in Olymp Trade, leave your feedback about the work on this account. That’s all, I wish everyone good luck and a big profit.



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